April 20, 2021

10:00 AM

AlumniLIVE! Welcome

This year, AlumniLIVE! had more original content that ever before. We started off with a welcome from Alumni Relations director, Chelsea Fraser. Find out more about this special day and how to use the web site.

10:30 AM

Spread the word. Get some cash!

Two alumni will win a $50 VISA gift card as well as some alumni swag. They helped us spread the word about AlumniLIVE! and we are adding their names to a drawing. Winners will be announced later this week.

11:00 AM


Chapel continues to be an important part of the campus experience. Students also have opportunities to participate in student led chapels as well as discipleship groups where they are able to grow in community around the Word. This April 20 on campus is a day for discipleship groups. So, we shared a previously aired chapel service.

11:30 AM

Alumni Spotlights

Alumni Relations wants to put the focus on you. To accomplish this we have shared more information about your stories in the Voice of the Alumni as well as on today.bju.edu. An important component of this has been our Alumni Spotlights. Click the heading to see these spotlight videos.

11:37 AM

Alumni Spotlights: Cherith Norman Chalet

Enjoy this video featuring Ambassador Cherith Normal Chalet.

11:43 AM

Alumni Spotlights: Daniel Overly

Enjoy this video featuring Daniel Overly.

11:48 AM

Alumni Spotlights: John Gardner

Enjoy this video featuring John Gardner.

11:54 AM

Alumni Spotlights: Joel Neidig

Enjoy this video featuring Joel Neidig.

12:00 PM


What happens when you let alumnus JDew loose in the dining common with alumni who have not experienced the new food service layout? Click the heading to find out! Not only will you get a behind-the-scenes view of the dining common, you'll hear from alumni telling their stories of dining common experiences.

1:00 PM

Student Organization Interviews

Remember your experiences as a student? In what student organizations did you hold membership? Some of those you joined are still active. Some of them are active under different names. Then there are also a number of new student organizations available for today's students. Enjoy these interviews with student leaders from four of our current organizations.

1:30 PM

Highest Potential Podcast Video Inside Look

Pull up a chair for Steve Pettit's Highest Potential podcast. You are invited to look in via video to this regular podcast by the BJU president. Come into his office as he sits down to talk with long-time faculty members, Warren and Jean Cook. Once you enjoy this video, go subscribe to catch future conversations.

2:00 PM

Then and Now

The campus has changed much over the last two decades. Using time lapse, this video gives you a sense of the work involved in bringing the campus to it's current configuration. However, comparing photos from then and now also show that while the facilities may have changed, the most important thing -- the people -- remain the central focus of campus life.

2:30 PM

Meet the Artists

Enjoy a recording of this live walk through of the Studio Art Senior Exhibition: Time Stands Still. We will be seeing the work as well as hearing from the creators. Professor Jon Andrews of the Division of Art and Design leads this presentation of these works and the passions behind them.

3:00 PM

Administration Question and Answer Session

Hear from administrators during this recording of a live question and answer time with administrators. Moderated by Randy Page, administrators included are Alan Benson, John Matthews, Gary Weier, and Bobby Wood.

4:00 PM

FacultyTalk: Welcome to the Serpentarium

We are excited about these new additions to our AlumniLIVE! line up. These talks between faculty are created just for our alumni audience. In this first episode, professors Chris Carmichael and Brad Batdorf take you on a tour of the serpentarium. Get up close and personal with the reptiles on campus while learning how students utilize this unique collection to further their education in both zoology and medicine.

4:45 PM

FacultyTalk: Film and Theatre - Collaboration

Episode two in our FacultyTalk series is a conversation between professors Erin Naler and Christopher Zydowicz. The stage and film square off for a discussion of how these mediums are both similar and dissimilar. You'll enjoy the conversation as well as the content of this lively conversation.

5:15 PM

FacultyTalk: Presenting the Gospel - Contextualism

The final episode of FacultyTalk features three professors from the seminary and school of religion. Kevin Oberlin, Mark Vowels, and Jason Ormiston will discuss the topic of contextualism. They will answer the question, "What role does our current culture play in how we present the Gospel?"

7:00 PM

Taming of the Shrew Cast Party

One of the most popular Shakespeare productions by the BJU Classic Players is Taming of the Shrew. For this special event, we are publishing the 2014 production on Facebook. Enjoy the show as well as comments and stories from cast members from several past productions.

Please note: all events during AlumniLIVE! are campus time

April 20